Our Story

We are crafters of fine caramel made with pure, basic ingredients and no added preservatives.  Our products are made small batch, slow cooked, and hand cut. For our ingredients and packaging, we choose local producers and domestic suppliers whenever possible.

Our philosophy: If you create a delicious product, no preservatives are needed. However, one thing we will always preserve is excellence.

Our Story
Ergo’s Bakery, established 1911 and once located on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, is our heritage and our inspiration for making, baking and creating products from pure, basic ingredients. Butter in 50# blocks, barrels of whole eggs, and cases of fresh, in-season, fruit fill my memory banks. I watched my grandfather work long hours to fill the shelves with breads, pastries, cookies and cakes. Not only did he teach me the joy of hard work, he gave me my first job and fortunately some instruction on how to make caramel.  Then and now, what people want are fresh products made with fresh ingredients. So, in the tradition of Ergo’s Bakery, we promise to provide just that.

If I’ve been told once, I’ve been told one hundred times…”You should sell these turtles, they are the best I’ve ever tasted.”  After years of receiving compliments such as that, we are ready to share the most delicious turtles and other treats with you. We know that you will love our buttery, sweet caramel and the robust flavor of freshly toasted nuts covered with luscious chocolate.



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